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The Origin Of The Ring In China
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. Origin: Qin and Han dynasties 

In China, the use of rings has been at least more than 2000 years old.

From a large number of literatures, Chinese women in Qin and Han dynasties have generally used rings.

Ring in ancient times called "Ring", and "ring" the appearance of the name, it is the Yuan Dynasty things. The ring to the folk, its role is not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other, give each other, vows, with this as proof.

It originates from practicality, and then gradually turns to the unification of aesthetics and wealth, and is gradually endowed with different cultural meanings.

2. Appearance of the word "ring": Yuan Dynasty 

Yuan Dynasty Guan Hanqing's opera works "Wangjiang pavilion mid-Autumn cut" The third compromise has: "(Sheng Danyun) This is the gold medal?" Rulers very See me, ring with me. What's more?

"The word" ring "appears here. The Chinese textbook of the Korean era preserved in the Ben Ben of the Yongle encyclopedia "Qida" is: "less redemption, 22 is not enough, I code a house, I put a pair of craniofacial, a seven Bao Jin son, a pair of earrings, a pair of gold ring in the cave, the six pieces of 52 silver, a total of 220 silver, the code a mansion son.”

3. The word "ring" is widely used: after the Ming Dynasty 

It was not until the Ming dynasty that the "ring" was called up. "Chinese ancient Costumes customs" a book about the Ming Dynasty costumes, said: "As for the ring, it seems that the Ming dynasty after the matter." "Ming Wang Yu's" three-just plan will "and said:" Later Han Sun Cheng 19 people to the power of the emperor, each to give the Jin Yu ring is also today.”