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The Measurement Of The Ring
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. To get a more precise size, you can measure it at the time of the day because the finger size is the most accurate.

2. Do not measure your fingers when the weather is too cold, because the size of your fingers is minimal at this time;

3. When you are unable to determine the size number, you can choose a relatively large hand (half or 1th number);

4. According to the season different to adjust their own number, winter buy ring, because the weather is colder, fingers than the summer to a number to half, the ring can be left and right after the belt to rotate but not easy to fall off the appropriate, summer to take the feeling a little tighter after the appropriate;

5. The ring is usually worn on the index finger, middle finger or ring finger, most girls wear ring number 10-15, of which 12th, 13th is more, most of the boys wear ring number 17-22, of which 18-20 number;

6. You can also go to the nearby jewelry shop, please the service staff over there to help you measure;

7. If you want to give each other a surprise, ask his/her parents or friends who know his or her hand.

8. Or look for the ring he/she used to wear, there may be a writer inch, if there is no hand in the vicinity of the jewelry store or the Yongjia Diamond Experience Center, please the service staff over there to help you measure.