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The Meaning Of Each Color Of The Bracelet
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Bracelets are a simple way of expressing fashion. Bracelets are made of different materials, such as silver, rubber and so on. But do you know that each bracelet color has a different meaning?

Here are the meanings of the different types of bracelets and colors.

1. Save the World bracelet 

The Salvation Army bracelet is a symbol of the personal jewelry of the Christian faith. This bracelet consists of different color beads, such as gold, black, red, white, blue and purple.

Each color has a different meaning. The golden beads on the bracelet represent heaven. The red depicts the blood of Christ, which flows for humanity. Black beads represent the separation of God and sin. White tells people to be forgiven and wash away the charges. Blue beads represent baptism or the Holy Spirit.

Christians believe that Jesus is king, and therefore the purple beads of the bracelet represent solemnity.

2. Mood Bracelet 

Some colors represent a person's mood, such as red for anger, blue for calmness, and so on. Similarly, mood bracelets describe a person's emotional changes.

Let's look at the meanings of these different colors. Black indicates stress and tension. Gray is similar to black, which represents tension and anxiety. Brown indicates restlessness. Amber indicates weakness and a complex mood. Pink symbolizes fear and anxiety. Red means adventure, vitality, passion and motivation. Orange stands for boldness and excitement. Yellow represents creativity and imagination. Green represents a calm mood. Blue means happiness and relaxation.

Purple represents passion and romance.

3. Hope Bracelet 

I hope the bracelet is mainly worn by teenagers. People think that wearing a hope bracelet can be a matter of thought.

When you want the bracelet to break, it can send your message and hope to the Kingdom of heaven, so that your hopes will be fulfilled. Red represents vitality, courage, confidence, energy, desire, passion and action. Pink stands for calmness, self-worth, protection, acceptance, beauty and love. White represents revelation, spirituality, cleanliness and purification. Indigo represents meditation, meditation, and intuition. Blue stands for communication, peace, truth, spirit and youth.

Black represents self-control, concealment, death, stability and the earth.

4. Gel Bracelet 

There has been a lot of controversy over gel bracelets. One wrong view is that the girls or boys of the Dai glue bracelet are interested in various sexual actions. As the bracelet became very popular, some schools even banned it.

In fact, the meaning of the color of the gel bracelet is completely different, and the Armstrong Foundation has established this bracelet recognition system. The yellow gel bracelet represents a recognition of cancer. The pink bracelet represents a recognition of breast cancer. Half blue and half red represent the cognition of epilepsy. Green symbolizes the donation of kidney. The understanding of diabetes is through the blue glue bracelet.

The understanding of multiple sclerosis is through an orange silicone bracelet.

5. Friendship Bracelet 

As the name implies, a friendship bracelet is given to a friend. It has different types and the most popular are bracelets and beaded bracelets.

All the forms of friendship bracelets have a meaning, eternal friendship.

But the different colors have different meanings: The red symbolizes love. The white bracelet represents pure friendship. A yellow bracelet symbolizes a happy friendship, or a companion relationship.

Orange stands for close friends.

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