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Pairing Tips For Rings
- Sep 06, 2018 -

If the ring matches the watch, the charm will increase greatly, the principle is: Kim Parkin, elegant with elegant ﹑ fashionable and fashionable.

If you're wearing a colored gemstone, pay attention to the cuffs of the bracelet ﹑ watch ﹑ long-sleeved shirt.

If you want to overlap with the ring, it is important to note that the ring ﹑ material to be basically consistent, straight line with a straight line, curve curves, two rings of the color and thickness of the same.

If you want to wear two rings on one finger, a simple design with a simple design, such as: V-shaped ring with a single gemstone ring, a thick ring with a gorgeous style ring.

If you want to wear two fingers, with the middle finger and the index finger ﹑ middle finger and the ring finger is appropriate, must not be the index finger and ring finger overlap wear rings, because the middle finger, will appear uncoordinated.