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How To Choose A Ring?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. Wedding Ring Style 

Women will be more luxurious compared to the fancy, while the men's style needs plain, simple.

And the most important thing is to suit you two people temperament, do not pick the most expensive and do not pick the best, the most important thing is to pick the most suitable.

2. Note the size of the wedding ring 

Ring refers to the size of the standard, called the hand-inch, in the number of meters. The hand is divided into Hong Kong and American, China uses Hong Kong-style. Most of the people's hands are in the 4-26, the safest way to measure is to ask the store clerk for your personal measurements, you can also use the method published on the web to self-measure: Find a string or a note, around the finger will wear the ring place a circle, with a pen on the rope or a note on the overlap place to make a mark,

Then use a ruler to measure its length, and the hand-inch comparison table can be learned.

3. Wedding ring Material 

Couples tend to prefer a platinum ring when choosing a wedding ring, while simple points also pick a platinum bare ring. Generally more in 18K gold and platinum production wedding ring, its high hardness, easy to set diamonds and gems, in particular, platinum pure, rare, timeless love characteristics, become the first choice of wedding ring Kam Kin material, in order to love than the meaning of eternity.

In recent years, in the wedding ring is often no longer just inlaid diamonds, ruby, Sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, such as colored gemstones, color colorful is also welcomed by many couples.

4. Decide how to set the ring 

The wedding ring is set in the form of claw, inlaid, clip setting, pavé inlay and so on. Prong setting is the most traditional and classic mosaic style, but also the most mainstream wedding ring mosaic way.

Several other mosaic methods can be collectively known as the claw-free type, diamond inlay into the ring, very easy to wear, not hooked to clothes and hair, daily care is relatively simple.

5. Groom's Ring 

When choosing a ring, the groom can take the platinum wedding ring as the first choice, does not fade and the luster is excellent, suitable for a variety of skin wear. In particular, the skin-sensitive groom does not have to worry about allergic reactions because it is different from other metals that contain impurities.

If you feel too high-profile, you can polish the shiny surface of the effect of sandblasting, the ring will show a matte feel, both low-key, but also can appear fashionable feeling full.

6. Selection of rings 

In the selection of the ring, the newcomer should pay attention to your choice is two people's testimony, is the guardian of your marriage, so of course, to choose two of you are suitable.

At the same time, it is best to buy two people together, because the wedding ring on the hand and hand-inch requirements are relatively high, only I wear to see the effect, select the most suitable for you.