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Choose Your Ring
- Sep 06, 2018 -

In terms of the color of the human hand, there are white, yellow, black, red points, in terms of shape, there are size, fat thin, thickness, length of the points, in terms of its skin texture, there are coarse and delicate points.

The natural nature of the hand determines which ring to match the most appropriate.

1, fingers long and slender and fair and delicate type This is the best hand to wear the ring, any color, any style of ring on this finger will shine.

Delicate ring, can make fine fingers to add style, if wearing a thick ring, will make the finger in the contrast of the ring to appear delicate and beautiful.

2, palm and finger coarse large When choosing and wearing a ring, you should avoid using a small and delicate ring. Because the thick hand and the delicate ring form contrast, will make the hand more thick, the ring shows small. However, it is also not suitable for wearing oversized rings, because big shouda rings can make people feel awkward.

You can choose a medium-sized ring, preferably an inlay ring, a diamond ring, or a jade ring.

3, the palm and fingers are slightly small This type is not ideal for wearing large rings, such as rugged rings, rings with a large gem set. The large and full ring will make the hand appear very small, if wearing a delicate ring, such as a small set of treasure ring will reflect the hand-shaped delicate, it appears that the finger beautiful and lovely.

A small hand is best not to wear more than two rings.

4, Finger knuckles obvious type The best way to wear an irregular ring, such as a "V"-shaped ring pointing to the palm, using visual guidance to increase the finger.

People with short fingers should not wear a gemstone ring, Fang, round ring, should wear a smooth line of the ring.

5, Hand skin black type When wearing a ring, first note that the ring color and skin coordination. Black red skin do not wear emerald ring or emerald ring, because the sharp contrast of color will appear tacky.

Can wear ruby, lemon topaz and other warm-coloured inlay ring, it can be the back of the hand color against beautiful, and contrast with the hand is not strong, this weak contrast appears harmonious.