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The role of bracelets
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The function of the bracelet generally has three aspects: one is to show identity, to highlight the personality, and the other is to beautify the arm, the third is the health care body. The bracelet is generally worn on the left hand, and the gemstone bracelet should be affixed to the wrist, not inlaid with gemstones, and can be loosely worn on the wrist. Only paired bracelets can be worn around the wrist at the same time. "Why is it so wide?" Double jump around the wrist Bracelets in ancient times have a lot of titles, "jumping off" is one of the song, the Tang Dynasty in the Annals of the Chronicle of a story, Tangwenzong one day questioning courtiers: "The ancient poetry there is a ' light shirt lining jump off ' sentence, you have who know" jump off "is what thing?" Everyone can not answer. Tsung told them: "To jump off the wrist Kushiro is also." "In ancient literary works, the common woman used bracelets to give lovers the plot." Liang Taohong scene in the "True Hao" in the description of the fairy Calyx Green has given the sheep right Jin Hai jump off. Pu songling "Liao Zhai Zhi yi Bai Yuyu" wrote scholar Wu Sheng into wonderland and a purple fairy Huan good, parting, the fairy put their own wear Kim to Wu Sheng souvenir. Bracelet as a token of the function of more and more light, but it is still the most beautiful girls wrist scenery line, classical and modern inadvertently secretly linked together, wearing a bracelet girl, may have not known the ancient female wrist jade bracelet often burdened with the trust of the vows. and earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets as a kind of jewelry, as a decorative decoration, as a work of art to decorate themselves, as a personal style, hobbies, a means of dress, is being more and more people accept and use. The wearing of bracelets, their aesthetic function is often the first place.