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The meaning of rings of different materials
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Ring: A small ring, made of metal or jade, that is used to commemorate or decorate a finger. There is no conclusion as to which country the invention of the ring belongs to. In China, the use of rings has been at least more than 2000 years old. From a large number of literatures, Chinese women in Qin and Han dynasties have generally used rings. The ring to the folk, its role is not only a simple ornament.

Men and women love each other, give each other, vows, with this as proof. The diamond-inlaid ring has a different meaning. Diamonds symbolize eternity, in Europe and the United States, every wedding anniversary, husbands are generally to their wives to give a diamond ring and precious metal, to show the fidelity of Love.

Jade represents love, pearls are noble, amethyst represents health, agility and luck, crystal with a unique magnetic field energy to make more people at first sight.